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How We Came About Full Time RVing

Laurel Lake McGuire and Jim McGuire

When you have a sellers market, a desire to eventually fin a place with acreage, kids who are bouncing all over the map and a bucket list of places to see you might surprise yourself by considering living out of a 30 foot trailer. We sure were surprised by our own thoughts! It started with Laurie noticing the perfect art storage on the outside of the trailer. Jim was more wary but he had long wanted to drive to Alaska and was complaining more and more about our tiny yard. So we threw caution to the wind, sold the house and moved into the Arctic Fox trailer. Although we are sticking around Boise for awhile due to golf and art commitments we have still had some awesome adventures from here and since I didnt want to leave out some of the earlier trips that led us to consider this crazy plan the first entries will play catch up. 

Laurel Lake McGuire

I’ve been an artist as long as I can remember - my first saved pencil drawing being the notable “Giraffe in fight with porcupine” at age four! Watercolor has been my primary medium since being introduced to it at the age of 16 by Rockport MA artist Martin Ahearn. I’ve been accustomed to adjusting my palette and focus to reflect landscapes all over the US as we moved with the military but I am usually a studio painter who occasionally paints plein air. For this adventure it will be almost exclusively plein air so I am looking forward to a little challenge and new perspectives to carry with me when IO return to a home studio. It will also be a reset in our lives as we adjust to the “empty nest” years. Instead of plunking down in a Lazy Boy we’ll be roaming the open air! We hope you join us in reading along!

Jim McGuire

Jim has long been interested in rocks and old mines. During his time in the USMC we lived in several places that could be considered a rockhounder’s paradise such as China Lake in the middle of the Mojave desert. Now that he’s retired he needs something to fill the time between golf outings so what better than to explore his fill of old lava lands, prehistoric seabeds, agate beaches and the like. He has his tumblers and rock shop set up at his brothers for the specimens that he can collect from unrestricted lands, as for the rest their photos will be his collection.  Coincidentally the dogs like nothing better than to tag along which keeps them out of my paints while I’m working. Jim is also our RV wrangler that pulls it, maintains it and hooks it up so that gives him plenty of work too. 

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