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A Tale of Two Harvest Hosts- unique hospitality

Summer 2021

One great choice we made as we tiptoed into the RV lifestyle was to join Harvest Hosts. This is a membership group that gives you access to special places all over the North American continent where you can stay overnight for “Free” as a customer of what they offer. Places like wineries, breweries, distilleries (Are you sensing a theme?) as well as farms, ranches, museums, antiques stores etc. We also added the golf course optional add on since Jim is a golfer. the first year we hardly used it but we are starting to get the hang of incorporating it into our plans now. Let me tell you about two recent unusual ones.

Pine Bluffs Distillery is in - wait for it-Pine Bluffs, Wyoming! Pine Bluffs has another distinction for us as home to one of the best highway rest stops with hiking trails through the western scenery to get us all some exercise. The distillery is just outside of town in the quiet open. At least during the day- we are starting to discover it’s not camping if there aren’t trains at night! Lots of room for what turned into 6 campers that night, all sizes and styles. When we were set up we wandered over and had fantastic craft cocktails on the patio with the pups under the table. We spent some time with another couple there who turned out to be organizers with the Escapees group, a long time RV organization that forged a community out of a need for tips, services and social events.

when it came time for food they directed us to a friendly local place - a tiny restaurant called Estelas. I got Jim the Chile burger and I got the cheesesteak sandwich. That night the sun set behind the big steel structure and the sunflowers and a thunderstorm blew in. With the chains rattling it sounded like we were in harbor on a boat. But the next morning dawned clear and misty and I got a small painting done.

The other Harvest Host that gave us a unique night was Umpqua Bowling Lanes-as soon as we pulled in a friendly man came out and told us park anywhere on side, generators fine (good because it was hot!) and welcome. We bowled 2 games for the first time in years, ate pizza, chatted with the teen employee about small town life and enjoyed an expansive sunset view before bed along with three other members of HH.

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