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BLM land- you never know what you’re gonna get……

Summer of 2021

BLM stands for Bureau of Land Management and is the most lightly regulated public lands - great for active dogs and rockhounding nomads. Jim is always on the lookout for it on the map. When we stopped for the night In Lyman WY we headed out to find some. For me as an artist it’s always a surprise what I will find to capture the place. In this area I started to get a clue when one of the dogs wrestled up a coyote leg! I look around and I’m standing in a veritable boneyard but all scattered down a wash. Most seemed to be cows. This is just a small sampling of what was all down the wash.

Obviously a flash flood must have scattered them along it. Jim thought maybe poisoned water. Perhaps predators then flood….many of the bones were broken.There was a quiet dignity to these remnants of animal life and certainly a spareness of form and color that intrigued me.

While Jim was roaming further off I made a paint marker sketch in my visual diary.

Just when being surrounded by markers of death was beginning to wear on me Jim came back with some finds. He likes to bring back interesting rocks to wash off and see what water brings out. He still usually leaves most behind but on BLM land unlike National Parks you can take home a “reasonable” amount of your best finds. This is what he had in his pockets that day:

Although he says there’s nothing special about them, its always interesting to see the variety of shapes and colors.

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