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Cape Split on a lovely summer’s day….

August 2022

Another day trip from Halifax came from Jim’s geology books which recommended the coast around Cape Split. The drive there took us above the Annapolis valley and through several small towns. Someday it will warrant longer stops.

We got to the trailhead for Cape Split and started out with the dogs through misty woodland. The woodland floor was covered in ferns, mushrooms and moss. About 20 minutes in I decided I really needed to capture the lovely banks of rosehips etc at the parking lot so I headed back with Jackson while Jim and Chloe went the distance in hopes that the trail would dip to the beach. (Spoiler- it stayed on the cliffs).

Meanwhile I thoroughly enjoyed a successful painting session despite a hairy moment when a local hiker with an off leash dog came over and the dog bared it’s teeth at me and Jackson but all turned out okay. I was also able to see more of the beach from below the parking area.

After Jim came back, having enjoyed a good hike with a cliff overlook but no beach access, we packed up and drove back around the large half noon beach. There was a restaurant there in Scots Bay called the Long Table Social Club. We were seated on the outside deck with just a glorious view - one that had Jim wondering how he could live there. Upon questioning the young waitress revealed the winters can be not quite so glorious but rather wet and cold. We discovered the Long Table of the name with it’s memorial plaque and had a delicious lunch.

After we drove down to the beach parking lot. The tide was well out and shallow at the edge but the dogs found some deeper rivulets leading to the ocean to dip into. There was the usual plethora of rocks uncovered to discover and friendly waves from the grandmother and kids we ate near earlier.

Back at our Halifax KOA Jim got out his little polisher. The rocks in the picture are ones I picked up - strictly because I like the looks. All in all it was a wonderful day trip.

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