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Craters of The Moon….under a hunters moon….

A - In all the years of living in Idaho I had never gotten to Craters of the Moon National Monument so I was determined to fit it in on the way out of town. The road there from the highway did not disappoint in October - every little side Canyon a blaze in yellow from the aspens, small towns and old buildings. I was still driving the Fit so I had Jackson with me which made it hard to look too much or take many photos. Someday I’ll come back with time to paint. We took the first pullout that looked like it had room to turn around the trailer for lunch and found a rather scenic bridge and river. Somehow with their strong pull towards water the dogs found their way down to the river and swam around- then ran through sticker burrs and rolled in dirt on the way up! ( Mental note: no sticker burrs on any future property!)

A panaromic photo of our lunch spot

We got to Craters of the Moon around 2 and found one of the last spots we could fit the trailer in. It was very scenic and unique- a bit like camping on the moon! After we set up we took the driving tour around. The light was rather glaring for painting so I decided to wake up early to paint. As it turns out the VERY early morning walks with the dogs afforded me the most dramatic view as seen at top! After breakfast Jim took the dogs off to find some forest service land they could run (pets can’t go on National Parks and Monuments trails usually) and I dragged my supplies to the trail from the campground. I had to work very fast to capture the light!

R - For me, Craters offered the chance to hike to the top of a mountain within the dogs, out of park, and the weather was beautiful and the view extraordinary looking back down over the monument. The campsite was excellent and our trailer fit perfectly. Not a great rockhounding opportunity but it was a good visit.

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