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Galena - not Grant’s tomb but his house

A - Jim had fond memories of a childhood visit to Galena so we took a slight detour to check it out. The drive itself there was quite pleasant and pastoral and the historic markers were of interest to me about the early mining history and the first routes there. The town itself is a cluster of attractive historic homes and shops zigzagging in parallel streets up the bluff. We parked and walked around with the dogs, going over the pedestrian bridge to the Ulysses S Grant park. We didn’t have time to go over to the house etc- after getting 15 hours into the 30 hour audiobook Grant recently we are determined to see it next time. Galena is where Grant moved his young family right before the civil war. He was a civilian then and trying to work in his father’s business. It is where he came back to a grateful town when the civil war ended. The park itself is nice and has a good view of the whole town across the river. Jackson however tried to drag me after a squirrel! It is a strollable town with plenty of outdoor dining set up. We got some awesome ice cream to sit and eat and continue our efforts to accustom the dogs to sitting quietly under the table. They were pretty good.

Looking at the stairs up and down to each street and buildings I decided the people who live in Galena must have very strong legs! We drove up to the top to sightsee all the cool old houses and yards. Below you’ll see a sampling. Unfortunately the visitor center was closed - I hoped to get ideas for the next time because we will be back for a longer visit.

RH - We came here for the Bicentennial and I recall the narrow streets and fireworks. I also remember hiking down a ski run from a ski resort towards the river. It seemed like a long way then but after living in the west the hills of galena were bigger in my memory. The town was just as I remembered it though and I enjoyed reminiscing walking the hills. It was too early for dinner and too late for lunch so many places weren’t open. We did wander across the river to the park and were rewarded with a great view. We didn’t get a chance to visit any areas for rock hounding though I know that a lot of lead was mined there. It was very cool to place Grant in the location of the documentary. The audiobook has been fantastic. Not sure about settling here yet but haven’t taken it off the list.

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