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Georgia coastal pleasures……

January 2022

As 2021 faded out our thoughts turned to getting to warmer climes and as usual I searched for areas new to us. Tybee Island intrigued so I booked us a week at the River’s End campground. It’s a lovely site tucked away right in the middle of the island…and it’s next to a great dog park, which is useful because dogs aren’t allowed on the beaches. There’s a beautiful light out here in the marshes and off the ocean. I knew right away I’d be able to do some paintings here.

The first full day here we went to the Bonaventure Cemetary. I brought my painting backpack since the pictures I’d seen indicated there’s be great plein air subjects. I love old cemetaries - besides being full of marble and stone statues and carvings and green growing things I always feel the presence of the lives lived and peace enduring. In this one there was the grave site of Johnny Mercer who wrote many famous songs. The bench had the names of the best inscribed. I also found the grave of Noble Jones, one of the first colonists in the 1700s. Seeing something about His Majesty’s Council inscribed on it from before the revolution was goose bump provoking.

On Wednesday we braved the Savannah River Walk- a day with few crowds is a good day to give the dogs, especially Chloe, practice with urban environments and walking among crowds. They did well and we enjoyed seeing the busy waterfront, big container ships and the very old buildings. Savannah is a charming city.

On our return we took the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood and it turns out right down the street is an amazing vacant lot filled with live oaks and palmettos that made an exciting subject for a larger plein air. I painted much of it that day and went back to finish later in the week.

Thursday the adventure of the day was driving to Hilton Head Island to Fish Haul beach where dogs are allowed. It was an hour plus but I was glad we made the trip. The pups loved the smells and water and the major romp they got in when we let them off leash for a bit to go into the water (I wasn’t going in with them- too cold!) There were people oystering and since it was low tide we saw bubble holes and even the little air necks sticking out all over. We saw several horseshoe crab shells and one was as big as the one I stepped onto as a small child, thinking it was a rock, when it started to slowly walk me out to sea and my dad rescued me.

We also went to Skidaway State Park and walked the dogs through the “hammock” (an area between the water and land) and I was able to paint a small piece while Jim and the dogs finished the picnic. It’s a wonderful treasure for the area and we saw many families enjoying the trails.

Another day we went to Ft Pulaski, read the historic markers and walked the lighthouse trail to see the little old lighthouse off shore. We also viewed a shallow pool where horseshoe crabs seem to go. We couldn’t get close because the trail was closed but later on the day we left I went back and did a quick painting from the old pier in a cold wind. I did sketch the lighthouse also with my markers. And we also went back to Savannah one day and had lunch with the daughter of military family friends, who was born the same year and place as Quinn. She is attending Savannah College of Art and Design so i loved hearing all about her classes and meeting her as a lovely and interesting adult, having last seen her as a toddler.

To wrap up coastal Georgia we traveled south and stayed on the Kings Bay Sub Base - top rated as a military RV park and we saw why. Very relaxing view from our site.

And we’ll leave Georgia with a view of the Tybee Island beach access in the early morn….

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