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Gros Morne part two

July 2022

Despite it being a good hour plus over to the other side of the bay we braved it one more time to do the Green Gardens Trail. The reward for this hike is the coastal views at the end and they were spectacular. It was a fair bit of hiking, starting out in rocky landscape like Tablelands, winding up and down through forest and across little streams and past a waterfall in a ravine.

At the coast we could see the sea stacks through mists which gave them an otherworldly feel. As it opened out onto a meadow several of the ubiquitous Adirondack chairs perched near a steep staircase down to the beach. We managed to get down it safely with the dogs and then with no one around let them run and swim a bit. There were some fantastic rocks of all different colors and the mists abated over time. When we climbed back out and took the trail back the way we came several hairy rocks standing in the meadow turned out to be grazing sheep!

After we rewarded ourselves with delicious sandwiches at a cafe in Woody Point, where there are numerous old buildings of character. That was the last foray onto that side of the park but we still had several adventures to go on the north side.

One morning we drove all the way out of the park up to Arches Provincial Park. The massive stone arches were scenic but might have impressed more if we weren’t surrounded by the occupants of a tour bus making their way down to it. We stopped at the trailhead for Western Brook Pond but given it’s popularity crowding the path in a way not calculated to put the dogs on best behavior and the fact they couldn’t go on the boat ride anyway we didn’t stick around.

Instead we pulled into Berry Head Pond and walked the trail completely around the lake. Much of it is boardwalk which was good for crossing the boggy portions. We only saw one other person but several toads which mystify the dogs. I got some photographs of birds also.


of the final days we went into Norris Point close by the KOA and hiked a delightful if steep trail around the point called Burnt Hill Nature Trail with lovely views. Nearby is the Bonne Bay Marine Station Aquarium that looked interesting but we didn’t go in and a restaurant overlooking the small ferry where we had a beer and snack - Cod Nuggets in my case and Fries with Gravy for Jim. We also went into Rocky Harbour to eat at Earle’s. After overhearing a young man say his favorite was the Moose Burger that’s what I got and it was good. It may be the closest I get to moose though!

And we visited the Lobster Cove Lighthouse at sunset. It was one of those cloud driven spectacular sunsets. I tried to capture an impression in paint but quit early to make sure I got more photos. We did go back another day so I could walk more of the trails there that Jim had.

Our final experience in Gros Morne was actually on the way back from Labrador later. We needed a one night stop coming off the ferry and I got a site at the Berry Hill Campground. A trail from the campground leads to Berry Hill Pond.

I had it a bit confused with Berry Head Pond but its different. I walked the dogs down to it a bit but didn’t go around - it was lovely and serene. We also walked

a portion of the Bakers Brook Falls trail the day we left - gorgeous flowers and scenery. There was a “Moose Enclosure” that looked like something from out of Jurassic Park. Thinking that moose were inside Jim took the dogs and urged me to take the trail through and meet him on the other side. I nervously entered only to find at the first information sign the “enclosure” was for plants so that moose didn’t eat them all. Any moose were OUTSIDE with Jim not inside waiting to charge me! We laughed at that when we met up again - and still we saw no moose!

A last look at Green Gardens:

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