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In search of petrified wood……..

Fall 2021

Our stop near the Petrified Forest National Park was a bucket list for Jim but I hoped to paint some otherworldly landscapes. I was actually blown away by how interesting it was and the varied colors in the cross sections. We only had a day so the evening before after setting up we took a drive through and scoped out the best places for me to do a painting. The Crystal Forest I found intriguing with it’s jumbles of logs and rounds. So the next morning Jim dropped me off with all my painting gear while he took the dogs in search of BLM land adjacent to the park. It is always a pleasure to be able to set off alone in search of painting inspiration. My plein air effort was an attempt to capture the strangeness and beauty but I suspect I will want to do a studio painting also to spend time on all the facets and textures and colors.

There are also remnants of an older settlement of indigenous people that was very interesting to walk the path around.

I pulled out my markers and made a quick sketch of one cellar room ruin.

The scenes below were taken by Jim on the BLM land adjacent to the park. As you can see the landscape was not as fantastical but for Jim’s rockhounding purposes it was a “wonderland” I believe he said!

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