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It all started with a laugh……

A-Pre pandemic we had bought our first RV, a small 24 foot trailer, because neither of us can get up anymore after sleeping on the ground. We had hauled it to the beach in Oregon to look for agates(Jim) and paint wet foggy pictures(Laurel) and get wet and sandy(Jackson and Chloe). Our campground was in the trees at Beverley Beach, walking distance to the water. Idyllic sounding, right? Well……we also discovered the things we didn’t like such as 8 hours in the car with the dogs, tight spaces and the lack of a separate bedroom to keep muddy paws out!

We also trekked (shlepped?) to hill country in Texas where I had a painting in the Women Artists of the West show at the Museum of Western Art in Kerrville. On the way we passed through Bryce Canyon where I took a day to create some paintings en plein air. The rock formations were fabulous in their early spring dusting of white snow. Jim took the dogs to the Forest Service land nearby to have their romp. We started to get a feel for a good rhythm- boondocking on BLM lands, Harvest Host stays (Conquistador Golf Course in Cortez with a view of the Rockies!), state parks like the hidden gem Bottomless Lakes balanced with stays at full service places like KOAs and such where we could fully hookup, do laundry and access a dog area conveniently.

Believing we were in full knowledge of what we wanted (just a slight size upgrade for further travel adventures) we visited the local RV places Looking for a trailer no bigger than 26 feet. At Nelsons RV our salesman suggested we look inside a more luxe 30 foot Arctic Fox just for kicks and a laugh. Well - I saw the island with it’s closed trash receptacle and realized the plus with dogs! Plenty of space to turn around in the shower! But what really got me thinking was the outside storage. It was the perfect size for portfolios, easels, backpack with palettes and brushes. At the same time the housing sellers market was in full swing, we still had a bucket list of travels (Alaska overland! Nova Scotia!), our boys had largely left the nest, Jim was hoping to retire fully and as an artist I always am on the lookout for creative refreshmen’s. So we sold our house, stored our stuff, quit the jobs and commitments and moved into the RV with the aim of doing it full time for 2-3 years then settling into a non moving residence in hopefully the perfect place!

Our new home!

notes:Posts starting with an (A) are by me, Laurel Lake McGuire, the artist. Posts starting with (RH) are by Jim McGuire, the rockhound. Chloe and Jackson would like to write posts but they have no thumbs.

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