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Mavilette Beach among new friends

Aug-Sept. 2022

Way back in the winter days planning this trip I had run across a listing for Mavilette Beach. I described a small amount of sites right next to the beach and was notable for only taking weeklong reservations, not daily. The beach is located on the southern end of Nova Scotia near Yarmouth. It sounded pretty marvelous so I booked it. Sure enough, it was all that and more. The campground was just two rows, all of who had a great view across the road to the beach and the lighthouse and spectacular sunsets. We quickly got into a routine of walking the dogs along the beach in the morning and evening, which conveniently lined up with lows tide - giving us a broad expanse and exposed geological features of amazing variety.

It turns out most of the campers knew each other from days in the Canadian military or from camping there each summer and were close with the proprietor as well. This convivial group hospitable folded us in and invited us to sit a spell here and there. It was an interesting group with intelligent wide ranging discussions and a lot of fun. Towards the end of the week there was a potluck along with a rendition of an original “theme” song about Mavilette Beach riffing on Margaritaville.

I did get a chance late in the week to paint some of the unusual rock faces exposed by the tides. The clear summer sea air brought out a certain atmosphere as well.

On one of the days there was a tremendous rainstorm. We were on a day trip to Annapolis where it rained midday but appparently it poured back at the beach. We came how to a wild and weird landscape of riven streams and cliff waterfalls.

Alongside the beach was a barrier of dune and grass and a variety of beach roses that was lovely. And every night a sunset beyond the lighthouse to bask in the beauty of. We will surely be back to Mavilette.

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