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Near the top of the mitten in Petoskey and Charlevoix…..

June 2022

We backtracked to Petoskey to stay at the excellent Sun Outdoors RV camp there by way of one night at a Harvest Host, Friske Farms. We had already found Petoskey and Charlevoix stones so the pressure was off to find them at their name sake and indeed we had heard that they were better found elsewhere. Above see examples and some other interesting finds, wetted for polish.

Friske Farms is a well known farm stand with delicious pasties (meat and vegetable pies that I could eat for lunch every day) and fresh asparagus, strawberries and baked goods. We were the only ones in their peaceful back field after hours and when their goats and rabbits went in to sleep after entertaining their customers.

Charlevoix we drove through several times in our Michigan sojourn and it is a delightful town, with a circular inner harbor before it opens to a larger lake and filled with sometimes eccentric summer homes, bedecked in lilacs. We also took a driving tour around the lake one day. There’s a “ski resort” such as it is - a little unimpressive to a westerner! Petoskey also is lined with gorgeous ‘cottages’- part of the area was a summer camp style retreat and it still retains that character.

We visited the art museum in an old church and sampled the wares at Burnt Marshmallow Brewery and Petoskey Brewing Company. Burnt Marshmallow is shown below, PBC was in a fantastic old brick building right on a bike route.

Otherwise this week was for continuing to putter on the beaches and any sliver of rocky shore as well as catch up on the laundry etc.

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