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On our way 2 - Kingston and 1000 Islands….

July 2022

The following day saw us headed along the top of Lake Ontario towards a two night stop at the Kingston/1000 Islands KOA. I had never heard of the area but it turns out it’s the source of the salad dressing name! It was a popular summering spot with Canada’s wealthy who built castles and mansions on the eponymous islands and stories relate something about the dressing being created by someone’s chef. We did not take any boats out to the island but we did drive to Kingston which was a delightful town with old buildings and a harborwalk where we watched a beginning sailor swirl around.

There was also an interesting Irish Cross historical statue. Another favorite statue in the park was adorned with an interesting headpiece! It’s a change of pace to read historical markers from the perspective of another country. It was a good opportunity to school the dogs in city walking however frustrating that is for us.

Our ‘day off’ we drove out to Sandbanks Provincial Park. At first we were underwhelmed by the small dog beach area although it was nice to let the dogs play.

Looking at the park info I noted that another area had a point that was noted geologically as well as being the site of a long ago summer hotel whose ruins had burned down on a Halloween night (of course!). The drive there gave the chance for some great seaside wildflower photos and the point when we got there was fantastic. The rain had driven away most others so we had it to ourselves and were able to walk out onto a rocky shelf. It was better in the rain than it would have been in the sunlight. On the way out I stopped to read the history near the old foundation of the hotel but there weren’t any creepy ruins left.

We stopped at the 555 Brewing Company in the town of Piston for pizza and beer on the way ‘home’ as the rain drizzled.

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