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On our way 3 - Quebec City…

July 2022

Our next stop, also a two day, was the Quebec KOA. We pushed our luck there by driving in search of the dog park right after the long drive there and on the old bridge, trying to keep up with the signs in French and in our big ole American truck, our passenger side mirror clipped a post so we face driving the rest of our trip with a shattered taped mirror but Jim has it set up now so he can see. The dog park was quite big though with some hilarious little French bulldogs that were not cowed by Chloe.

After we drove to Saint Anne de Beaupre a little way along the river. My maternal grandmother was born there and I had a hankering to see it. I knew that the old church she was baptized in had burned long ago because she had to jump through hoops to get a new birth certificate but the one there now is rather famous and pretty spectacular for a little town. Many of the old houses along the narrow streets looked like they might have been there when she was born.

The next day we took the bull by the horns - or rather the dogs by the leashes - and braved old town Quebec with them. This was pro level training and exhausting but they both did far better than expected and it helps keep them prepared to follow our lead. Jim even got to go into a gem and mineral store while I held them to one side. The Chateau Frontenac loomed above all but other than snapping a photo we didn’t climb so far. The Eglise Notre dame des Victoires in the middle of the old city dates to 1688 on Champlain’s first outpost. The wall of thousands of life jackets is a piece of installment art by the famous Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei to call attention to refugees.

Then Jim stayed in the car with them while I went into the Musee de la Civilisation. I am a very quick museum viewer ( I think because I can read fast and I mainly want to get the visual) so I started with the exhibits of artifacts from the city’s history. I particularly liked walking into the reconstructed root cellar and viewing the special exhibit on sports pastimes outfits. I had time for one more so I chose a new one on the history of pooping. Yup, not a spelling error! It was actually fascinating - it ranged from the medical to the cultural such as old chamber pots, and views into various cultures ideas of where to do one’s business. Hilarious yet informative.

The next morning we were off, moving towards our date with the ferry. By now we had gotten accustomed to French being posted with English everywhere and in fact all the books in the laundromat were in French and had obtained colorful Canadian money including “loonies” (one dollar coins) and ”toonies” (two dollar coins), so I leave you with these photos.

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