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On our way 4- New Brunswick….

July 2022

Our last few days took us on a lovely drive through the landscape of New Brunswick with a stop overnight at a Harvest Host, The Big Axe Brewery on the banks of the St John’s River. We arrived second in what would eventually be 10 RVers in all and just as Canada was swept with a blackout of the system that processes cards. With the help of our laundry coins and offering some American bills 1:1 (a good trade for them) we managed to pull it off. I selected BB King in London from their record collection to put on and we sat and drank beer and chatted with other travelers. Jim found the 80s slant of the record collection intriguing.

We took the bartenders suggestion and walked the nature walk past “potato houses” (storage It seems) towards the big axe but incipient rain and thunder turned us back halfway.

The next morning we were able to complete the walk, let the dogs swim in the beautiful river and get the requisite photo opp.

And then we were bound for Nova Scotia for a few days before boarding the ferry.

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