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On our way across Canada- Part One

July 2022

On July 3 we went through our leaving procedures - Jim outside, me in - double checked our passports and the ArriveCAN app and headed towards the border at the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron. After some stern questions that seemed more like a test we drove through easily without any hassle, despite Jim being prepared for the worst. Although Canada is not greatly different for the US we still felt it looked and felt different. Less billboards maybe. More farmland? Our first stop was at a Harvest Host in Ontario, Moore Farms.  We found it easily, bathed in the afternoon light, and right away met up with the host on his tractor, who directed us to a lovely private spot behind the second barn.

We were the only ones there that night and had an unobstructed view across the fields to the scenic barn closer to the road and the horses, pigs, chickens and longhorns we’d driven by on the way in. I walked up to the farm stand and was able to get frozen corn, strawberries, ground beef and other provisions. On the way there I discovered goats as well!

With the view so handy I set up my easel and was able to get a finished plein air painting done right from ours site.

That evening we sat in the golden dusk and tried to capture the swift birds with the camera. The resident farm dogs came by and checked us (and the dogs) out and those encounters went okay. Chloe was smart enough to recognize her better in the blue healer! I took another walk up the lane to photograph more animals as well.


next morning I took a bit of time to paint a small scene of daisies by the barn door then it was pack up and head east.

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