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Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg and the scenic coast

August 2022

Our campground near Halifax was a good location for exploring the very scenic but much visited eastern coast. Peggy’s Cove is one of those “must see” destinations that actually rewards even as it funnels tour buses and wandering hordes. They’ve done an excellent job providing parking and a wonderful accessible cantilevered walkway while not hindering the freestyle clambor on the rocks discovery of those inclined and able. I shot film from many different angles using the boulders and waves as setting. There is also an interesting sculpture honoring the fishermen and women.

The surrounding town is fantastically scenic and incredibly does not appear spoiled by the traffic into inauthenticity or kitsch.

With two border collies to exercise we always have to look out for trails. This segment of the Rumrunner’s trail was fairly peaceful and had a neat sculpture installation as a surprise halfway on our walk. We also turned down the road to Oak Island, the setting apparently for reality shows and treasure hunters. We did not attempt to get past the gatekeepers, just peered across the causeway.

Taking the scenic route rewards with constant peek a boo views between trees of little safe harbors and goes through lovely towns like Mahone Bay where I got a great chai latte and bakery goods from Jo-Ann’s Deli and Bakery.

If I thought the little towns were colorful Lunenburg excels at a rainbow of houses lining the harbor and hills. It is the home of the Bluenose II- a replica of a famous fishing and racing schooner that was a symbol of Nova Scotia. We were ready for lunch so we drove out onto a spit where the Lightship Brewery is located. It is actually a Harvest Host as well but was totally booked for overnights. The complex had a beer room where many local breweries products were carried and a food building where we ordered excellent pizza. Nearby the spit extended out into a perfect place to run the dogs and let them swim in the seaweed.

I’m sure there would be more to do on an extended visit and we never got further than Liverpool. Oh well - a reason to go back. I would stroll Mahone Bay and sit on Lightship’s deck looking at Lunenburg any summer day!


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