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Southern beaches, full of rocks.

August 2022

Nova Scotia beaches serve multiple purposes for us - they usually contain interesting rocks for Jim and are often deserted, providing great places for the dogs to run and swim. While in the south we visited a beach near our campground that was largely rocks at low tide. JI’m found an unusual bunch of large ones that almost looked like petrified wood but turned out to probably be banded rhyolite, after checking with his trusty geology buddy Eugene by text.

We also tried down a trail to a very rocky outcrop. I was worried about turning an ankle so I didn’t go far. Jim and Chloe clambered over the point where he did fall and scrape his hand. On the way out we met the couple with the land next to the trail and enjoyed sharing stories for awhile. They suggested another beach as softer for the dog’s feet and it was quite beautiful.

There was also a beach on our way back from Yarmouth. The pond was surrrounded by various beach wildflowers and the slightly misty air softened the details. We would pass other beach walkers with a wave.

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1 Comment

Sher Brown
Sher Brown
Mar 18, 2023

What a lovely trip. I'm a big rock hounder as well, and my eyes popped when I saw those beaches. My husband wouldn't have been able to drag me off of there. I really like the fact that they aren't packed with other people and your dogs were allowed to run free. Thank you for sharing your travels. I found it very interesting and enjoyable. Smiles, Sher

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