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Taylor Head Provincial Park

August 2022

Another day trip from Sackville NS was to this coastal park north of Halifax. The drive there was scenic and had some of those delightful eccentric spotting that make my day. The quickness with which I have to snap the camera doesn’t always result in great photos but are still fun mementos.

At the first pullout we got out to exercise the dogs. It was one of those still calm days where sea and sky meld together and only the birds and a little ripple of wave whossing against the rock reef disturbed the peace. We walked along the rocky shore where Chloe was fascinated by a little crab in the seaweed then ate our picnic lunch watching the cormorants and even a seal’s head pop up.

Then I painted the scene while Jim and the dogs rambled some more .

The main beach is at the tip and was busier with vacationers and beach goers so we didn’t go all the way on but it did have some fascinating signboards about the geology and marine life. We decided to move on around the bend near found another pullout where the path led to a quiet beach.

We were able to throw the ball there and let the dogs swim and there were interesting rocks as well as ponds and woods behind.

On our way back we stopped at the Sober Brewing company You can order a beer and take it out back to their waterfront “beer garden” as well as order food from the restaurant next door which they will walk out to you. I got fish and chips and the dogs got to lay in the grass.

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