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Terra Nova and Bonnavista

August 2022

Our site in the Newman campground of this park was more reminiscent of national park campgrounds in the western us. Sandy soil, pines, rocks. As soon as we got settled Jim headed off to try his hand at the Terra Nova Golf Course which he greatly enjoyed. That night we found a trail from the campground but only went a short way. Our full day here was devoted to the Bonavista Peninsula. At the very tip is Cape Bonavista Lighthouse and a memorial to John Cabot (or Giovanni Caboto as he was born) who supposedly gave this peninsula it’s name when praising the view. There’s not firm proof this was the site but that’s their story and they’re sticking to it. The plaque is in the usual English and French ….and also in Italian.

Elliston near the tip was well worth the effort. First we stopped at a beach where Jim and the dogs could clambor along the rocks below the high water mark.

Elliston is also known for it’s old root cellars and we saw a few. Then we drove out to the puffin viewing sight. Right near the parking lot there are excellent scenic examples of root cellars and one past the booth that you can peek in. A friendly young man directed us to the trail and Jim put a donation in the bucket. The trail leads out on to a spit, each step more scenic than the last. And then there you are, standing across from a sea stack island covered in puffins and other seabirds. With a zoom lens I captured so many more puffin photos to complement my earlier ones by sea but just standing there and taking it in was amazing. On our way out Jim placed another donation in.

Rounding the peninsula we drove into Trinity where I walked around and took photos of the old building and attractive setting. Some people were putting a boat in that was so snug and well made as to make you wish to be a boater. We kept getting a chuckle from the name of Random Island also where apparently there’s a tv series called Random Passage but we didn’t investigate. I think I might like to watch that though!

The next morning was drizzly but Jackson and I took the campground trail and discovered a lovely forest and bog setting that I’m just sure a moose must have been there! And then it was off to Sanger Memorial RV park on the Exploits River.

By now we were getting scenic overload and full up on interesting information. We meant to check out the Salmonid Interpretation Center about the “King of Fish” but we never got there. Instead we enjoyed a peaceful river interlude during a rainy day. A bit of calm before driving to the ferry, by way of our friends at Grand Codroy where we booked a site to do our laundry and relax before our midnight sailing under a full moon.


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