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The Overnight Ferry to Newfoundland

July 2022

We had booked the midnight sailing on the advice of pet owners online, so we spent the morning going back to the beach with the old bridge towers so I could paint and that afternoon finishing laundry (done in the nick of time) and started driving up to the North Sydney Ferry Terminal. Having never done this we were a little nervous but it turned out to be pretty smooth. We got parked in line behind another RV that appeared to be regulars and had their slide out into an open area so we followed suit and were able to wait a bit in there, since you have to be there hours ahead. There was a small area to walk the dogs and we timed the dispersing of the vet approved Dramamine and their “stoner biscuits” (doggie cbd) for anxiety. Since they would spend the night in their spots in the back seat of the truck while we slept upstairs we were a little anxious ourselves!

As night fell an absolutely gorgeous full Buck moon rose above the now crowded lanes. Soon the ferry workers started selecting lanes to drive on either up a ramp or below. Watching semi trucks disappear into the bowels of the ship was something. Then it was our turn. We ended up nestled between other RVs and cars. After a quick goodbye to the dogs and a filling of water bowl and cracking of window, we grabbed our bags and were directed upstairs. We quickly found our snug cabin and after some peeking out the window we went to bed, it being very late. We both woke from time to time to the unfamiliar chugging, rolling feel of the ferry but it wasn’t too bad.

The next morning I went up to the cafe for breakfast. It wasn’t open just yet so I stepped outside and got some photos from the railing. After some scrambled eggs and toast and fairly weak coffee, I went down and we gathered our belongings to wait for the signal to go down to the vehicle deck. When we got there we found two sleepy dogs who had apparently weathered the night without major problems. We were able to pull into the visitor center in Port Aux Basques shortly after disembarking so that they could relieve themselves.

Then it was off to the Grand Codroy RV campground. As I expected Newfoundland from the start appeared like no other tourist destination.

Vast swaths of green, impressive mountains, undeveloped….I said to Jim it reminded me of a cold Hawaii. Our campground was only 30 minutes from the ferry which helped in resting and acclimating after to big crossing. We were able to pull into our site even though early and were helped by friendly people in charge. They had a wonderful newsletter with suggestions for places to go as well as “Newfie” humor and wisdom. This would become indispensable to our adventures over the next week. The campground itself was right beside the Grand Codroy River and features an excellent gift shop where the items are crafted by local artisans and a nature trail where the arrow signs are inscribed with pithy sayings. Only once did we see anyone else on that trail so it became a great early morning dog walk.

There was Wi-Fi….if you sat near the office. We quickly realized Newfoundland was not going to be a very connected place but I had kind of expected that. We got all set up and that very afternoon we went off to check out the Coastangs Trail from the newsletter. Wow! What an introduction to the scenery and trails…..but I’ll leave the description to the next blog post.

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